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zarokzempire asked:

Could you guys do a video on Ferguson? I am quite confused about whats going on.


I think that we are all pretty confused about what’s going on and, what’s more, any video we made would be out of date pretty instantaneously. I think the internet is actually doing a pretty good job of discussing what’s happening in Ferguson and is already starting to generate actionable things that can be done

It’s doing a much better job discussing Ferguson than, say, Gaza or Syria, for example, which I would love to videos about (because people know less, and the situations have existed for a longer time and are thus more stable and can be talked about without being immediately out of date.) I haven’t made those videos though because THEY ARE SO HARD TO MAKE.

If you want a full story of what’s gone on, here’s an incomplete timeline as a place to start: Buzzfeed timeline.

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